Highway Guardrail C Post Profile Roll Forming Machine

Guardrail C-post gains popularity type due to their low cost, high safety, and environmental protection. This type of post is the most common applied post in highway guardrail projects and can be hammered with different types of hammers.Provide customized C-post highway guardrail posts of different sizes, with high cost performance, reasonable price and stable performance

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Product Detail

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Material:          Galvanized Sheet

Yield strength of raw materials:   235Mpa

Coil Outer Diameter:         ≤Ф1200 mm

Coil Inner Diameter:         Ф508mm

Steel Strip Width:         ≤150mm    

Steel Strip Thickness:          2mm

Coil Weight:          ≤2000 kg

Machine Floor Area:     25000X3000X1800


The production line is carried out according to the following process::

Uncoiling→Leveling Servo Feeding→Punching→Cold Roll Forming→Hydraulic Shearing→Material Discharging


1. Uncoiler    1set      

     Allowable coil inner diameter: Ф508

    Max. allowable coil outer diameter: Ф1200mm

    Max. allowable roll width: 200 mm

    Max. roll carrying weight: ≤2000 kg

2. Servo Feeding    1 set

    Maximum feeding speed: 30m/min

    Maximum allowable feeding width: ≤200mm

    Allowed feeding thickness ≤ 2mm

    Single feeding error: ≤±0.2mm (the tolerance is not cumulative)

    Servo motor brand: Yaskawa (YASKAWA, Japanese)

    Servo motor power: ≈3Kw (subject to the final design)

3. Punching Machine   1set

    It adopts liquid four-column press mode, which is economical, applicable and fast. The punching distance is adjustable in the transverse direction of the plate, and the punching step can be changed through the electrical control system.

4. Roller Forming Machine         1 set

    Archway material: QT450.

    Roller shaft material: 40Cr, quenched and tempered, hardness is HRC45~50

    Forming pass: 12 passes

    Shaft diameter of forming machine: φ60mm (subject to final design)

    Motor power: about 30kW (subject to the final design)

    Maximum linear speed:  3~10m/min

5. Pneumatic follow-up shearing     1 set

    Cutter material: Cr12MoV (hardness after quenching is HRC58~62)

6. Hydraulic System    1 set

    The main components are: oil pump, motor, hydraulic valve, solenoid valve, filter and hydraulic oil tank, etc.The hydraulic system uses a filter, and the cleanliness of the oil is guaranteed to be level 6-8.


No Items Name Brand
1 PLC Mitsubishi, Japan
2 Servo Motor Yaskawa, Japan
3 Inverter Delta (Taiwan, China)
4 Touch screen Vinylon (Taiwan, China)
5 Low-voltage electrical components Omron


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