Metal Coils Slitting Production Line

The slitting line is also called slitting unit, slitting machine, slitting machine, and scissors. It cuts the metal coils into strips of various required widths, and then collects the strips into small rolls for the next process. It is a necessary equipment for precision cutting of transformers, motor industries and other metal strips.

Types of slitting lines

1. According to the thickness of the longitudinally shearing plate, it is divided into thin plate longitudinal shearing line (processing thickness 0.1-3.0mm) and thick plate longitudinal shearing line (processing thickness 3.0-6.0mm).
2. According to the metal material of slitting, it can be divided into copper strip slitting line, stainless steel slitting line, cold plate slitting line, silicon steel slitting line and tinplate slitting line.
3. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into automatic slitting line and semi-automatic slitting line.

Product Description

Raintech slitting line is mainly used for slitting and cutting coil materials such as tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon steel sheet, cold rolled steel strip, stainless steel strip, aluminum strip, and steel strip. It cuts metal coils into strips of various widths, and then harvests the strips into small coils for use in the next process. It is a necessary equipment for precision cutting of metal strips in the transformer, motor industry and other metal strips.According to the thickness of the slitting plate, it is divided into thin plate slitting line and thick plate slitting line.

Slitting line for thin material

Max.Coil Width
Slitting Strip Width (mm) Slitting Speed
RSL-1*1300 0.15-1 500-1300 24 50-150 10
RSL-2*1300 0.3-2 500-1300 12-30 50-200 15
RSL-2*1600 0.3-2 500-1600 12-30 50-200 15
RSL-3*1600 0.3-3 500-1600 8-30 50-180 20
RSL-3*1850 0.3-3 900-1850 8-30 50-180 20
RSL-4*1600 1-4 900-1600 6-30 50-150 25
RSL-4*1850 1-4 900-1850 6-30 50-150 25

The main components of the Raintech slitting line hydraulic system adopt high-precision components, and the electrical control adopts imported PLC program controller and touch screen for full-line functional control. It has high automation, good leveling quality, high cutting accuracy, stable and reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. Features: One-time loading of coiled material can realize the smooth completion of each process, which effectively reduces the labor intensity of workers, has a high cost performance, and is a high-performance product integrating machinery, electricity and hydraulics.

Mini slitting line

RSSL-1*350 0.1-1 80-350 6-30 50-100 3
RSSL-2*350 0.2-2 80-350 6-30 50-200 3
RSSL-2*450 0.2-2 80-450 6-30 50-200 5
RSSL-2*650 0.2-2 80-650 6-30 50-180 7


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