What are the applications for roll forming?

What is roll forming machine?

Roll forming machine is  method of metalworking. At room temperature, metal material plates and strips are mechanically bent into profiles of a certain shape and size. Its products are called cold-formed profiles. The advantages of cold bending are: It can produce various ultra-thin, extra-wide and complex-shaped profiles that cannot be produced by rolling; save metal materials; and the product has good mechanical properties. The commonly used processing methods are roll bending, pressing bending, drawing bending and bending.

What are the applications for roll forming?

The roll forming machine has solar strut roll forming machine, two wave  highway guardrail roll forming machine, three wave highway guardrail roll forming machine, czu purlin roll forming machine, czu exchange roll forming machine, culvert corrugated roll forming machine, truck u beam roll forming machine, truck side plate roll forming machine, vehicle beam roll forming machine.

The roll forming machine application in the construction ,energy , automatic , carriage and so on

Post time: Nov-23-2022