What is roll forming machine and classification?


roll forming machine

1.Roll forming machine definition

The cold roll forming machine is a plastic processing machine that continuously bends metal sheets and strips such as coils and strips in a transverse direction through a sequence of multi-pass forming rolls to make specific cross-section profiles

2.Basic Information

1). The principle of average force of each pass, the average force of the entire line of rollers, the wear is balanced, and the service life of the rollers is prolonged.

2.) The use of C12MoV material for the roll is based on its wear resistance, but the specific strength and hardness are contradictory. The red hardness of C12MoV should be used during heat treatment. After quenching, the hardness can be achieved by tempering twice or even three times.

3). The arc part of the track is the core part of the slide rail. The arc position after the first few passes is pressed and formed. When the vertical edge is rolled and folded in the next pass, the formed arc should be effectively protected by the upper and lower rollers or the horizontal wheel. Otherwise, the arc position of the material will change during the stretching process, R becomes smaller and becomes a triangle, the steel ball does not reach the end, and the two-point contact produces noise. Uneven force, the slide rail is deformed, and the life is shortened.

4). The problem of rolling stability. In production, we often encounter the problem of material swaying left and right in the raceway. In fact, a single set of rollers is asymmetrically affected, the left side is subjected to large force, and the material sways to the right; the right side is subjected to large force, the material sway to the left

3. Cold  roll forming  machine classification

a) solar strut roll forming machine : This roll forming line specially do the process of punching holes, forming rolling of the solar strut bracket , PV stand rack .

b) Truck U Beam roll forming machine: Truck U beam roll forming production line is our specialized roll forming machine designed for automobile and truck manufactures. The finished products is the center U beam of the car main frame. The finished products must be high strength, extensibility and bearing , so it require the machine high quality and strength with high precision control.

c) AUTO bumper roll forming machine: Vehicle bumper roll forming machine is an complete production line which can produce the finished auto bumpers for the car front and rear anti-collision beam on various cars and trucks

d) Highway crash barrier roll forming machinetwo-and-three-wave-high-guardrail-roll-forming-machine-product/: highway crash barrier roll forming machine have three types: Separated W beam roll forming machine, separated three waves crash barrier roll forming machine; combined two and three wave

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