Solar Energy Photovaltaic Bracket Cold Roll Forming Machine

The solar strut roll forming machine adopts fully automatic design, from the feeding of the steel coil to the cutting after the product is formed, all of which are automated. Bending forming unit – servo tracking cutting – automatic feeding of material rack. Only one person can operate the whole line, which greatly saves manpower and saves costs for the company.

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Solar Strut Bracket Roll Forming Machine

Configurations Manual Uncoiler, Roll Forming, Electric-Motor, Mould Cutting, hydraulic station, Control Cabinet
Control System Automatic Colored Touch Screen
Delta brand PLC Inverter
Maximum allowable feeding width ≤300
Allowable feeding thickness
Single feeding error
≤±0.2mm (this tolerance does not add up)
Servo motor brand
Servo motor power
9Cr2Mo(or GCr15), hardness HRC55-60
Molding passes
15 passes (subject to final design)
Axle diameter of molding machine
φ60mm (subject to final design)
Motor power
22KW Siemens Bede frequency conversion motor
Maximum linear speed

Our Advantage

1.We adopts individual archway stands for rollers station, more strong and rigidity structure than other suppliers in china.
2.Individual gearbox for each archway rollers set, to assure the precision of the profile.
3.All of the machine main body and parts are quenched, with higher hardness(HRC58-62) and wear resistance, while other suppliers only rough steel welded.
4.The rollers material is American D2 and D3 standards, with long service life and low maintenance cost.
5.Professional Germany roller design software-Copra.
6.Long machine life, all of our machines can be used stable performance for more than 10-15 year, while other small and low quality supplier's machine only can be used for 1-2 years.


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