The Storage Rack Upright Pillar Roll Forming Machine

The Storage rack roll forming machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high efficiency, good stability, etc.; it has been used by many users in China and has won good customer reviews. The automatic production line of high-speed racking columns adopts fully automatic control, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity.

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The automatic production line of shelf column developed by our company adopts continuous production to save labor cost and reduce labor intensity of workers. High speed shelf column automatic production line adopts full automatic control, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

The main process are: uncoiling - leveling - servo feeding - online punching - cold bending forming - tracking cutting - automatic feeding.

Material : Q235

Coils ID: Ф508±10 mm ,

Infeed coils width: ≤400mm Strips thickness: 2~2.5 mm Max. coil OD: 1400mm

Max. coil weight: 5000kg

Other specifications:

Power : 380V±10%;

It can operate continuously and stably 24 hours in the following working conditions

Ambient temperature:2℃~45℃,relative humidity:≤90%(25℃)

Three phase AC power:380V(±10%),50HZ

Single-phase AC power supply:220V(±10%),50HZ

Sheet precision and selection requirements: the camber value of the sheet material used in the roller press line (after longitudinal shear) at least reach to(1‰)。

Total power: approx..75kw Overall Size: approx..20000 X4000mm

Line direction: left→right(according to customer requirement)




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