Vehical bumper beam roll forming machine

Vehicle bumper roll forming machine is an complete production line which can produce the finished auto bumpers for the car front and rear anti-collision beam on various cars and trucks .The whole process of this line including uncoiling-leveling- shear and butt welding- stroage loop- servo feeding -punching holes-loop -roll forming – roll spot welding–cutting -arc bending and cutting –outfeed of finished products.The line is patent products and have several successful cases in many big automobile  manufactures over the world

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1)      Suitable Coil Thickness: 2.5-4mm

2)      Suitable Raw Material: Galvanized steel sheet

Roll forming machine

1 set

Hydraulic cutter

1 set

Electrical control system

1 set

Hydraulic system

1 set

Manual de-coiler

1 set Max. loading 5 T

Technical specification and details

(1) Hydraulic Ue-coiler

Un-power: manual de-coiler; Max. Capacity: 7T

Suit for coil inner diameter: 508mm, suitable coil Max. out diameter: 1000mm

Manual power expands the coil inner surface.

(2) Roll forming machine

1) Number of forming steps: 15 steps

2) Material of shaft: 45# steel hardening and tempering treatment. Outer diameter 85mm ,total solid Tolled shafts

3) Rollers: Material is high grade No.45 forged steel, with digital-controlled procession. The rollers are plated with hard chrome with thickness of 0.05mm on the surface after being machined by the exact machine tool. So that to ensure long life of forming rollers.

4) Main motor power: 4 KW with cyclical planetary gear speed reducer

5) The plating chromiums thickness on the surface of rollers: 0.05mm

6) Main stand: 350# H steel welded structure Wall plate thickness: 14mm the main frame of machine is welded separately and the outside wall is connected by screw after being rot blasted on the surface.

7) Chain and gear move the line, motor drives. All working actions are controlled by PLC electric cabinet automatically.

8) Suitable power voltage: 380V/50HZ/3Phase (can de designed according to buyers requirement)

9) Line working speed (Forming speed): about 15-18 m/min (without cut time)

10)   Main machine motor power: about 5.5 KW (Depend on final design)

Dimension of the machine: 9000mmx1200mmx1200mm, Weight of the machine: about 5000kg



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