Waves Guardrail W Beam Plate Roll Forming Machine

Highway guardrail roll forming machine is mainly used to produce highway guardrail. This machine used for punching, forming and cutting of the highway guardrail corrugated plate, which widely used in bridge, highway construction.

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Product Detail

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Material Cold rolled low carbon steel
Yield strength of raw materials 235Mpa
Tensile strength of raw materials ≤550Mpa
Coil outer diameter ≤Ф1600 mm
Inner diameter of coil Ф508mm
Strip thickness 2.3~3mm
Single roll weight ≤7000 kg


The Production Line Is Carried Out According To The Following Process:

Uncoiler → Looper (Storage) → Servo Feeding → Punching Machine → Roller Forming → Shearing → Automatic Palletizing Of Finished Products


1. Uncoiler 

The machine is a single-head mode. With single support, the motor drives the material shaft of the uncoiler to release the material roll, and the hydraulic power drives the tension device of the material shaft of the uncoiler to fix the material roll on the material shaft of the uncoiler.

2. Material Storage Device

The storage device is composed of two parts: the arc-shaped roller and the supporting device. There are four groups of arc-shaped rollers. Between the two storage bins, they are composed of an arc frame and a single rotating roller. A photoelectric switch is installed in the pit of the silo to control the position of the roll entering the pit, so that the speed of each working part can be perfectly matched.

3. Leveling Servo Feeder

The sheet is fed in according to the actual step length required for punching, and multiple sets of feeding parameters can be set at one time, which is convenient and quick. The feeding accuracy is accurate without accumulated tolerance.

4. Pneumatic follow-up shearing

It cuts the formed parts to a fixed length. The whole working process does not need to stop the whole line, and it automatically tracks and cuts, which is fast and efficient


Detail Figure 1


Guardrails are widely used in industry, agriculture, municipal administration, transportation and other industries for decoration, maintenance and protection

Detail Figure 2

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