Hydraulic Roll Forming Machine Use And Maintenance Methods


the main parameters of hydraulic roll forming machine

Minimum bending radius ≥1.5m driving roller speed 7-10

Cylinder propulsion speed 8-15 hydraulic system pressure 26

Weight 380 Total power 7.4

Overall dimensions 2.4×1.5×1.4


the structure of hydraulic roll forming machine

The hydraulic roll forming machine will be put into use after it is bought. Since the parts of the hydraulic roll forming machine will be worn seriously due to constant work, we need to maintain the hydraulic roll forming machine. Make the life of the hydraulic roll forming machine longer and spend as little as possible.

It is more important to do a good job of oil, because hydraulic roll forming machine is oil as the medium.

The cleaning work after use is not only clean after use, but also clean before use to avoid some debris falling into the operating table, damaging the steel input, and not reaching the ideal state.


Performance of hydraulic roll forming machine:

Hydraulic roll forming machine adopts hydraulic system, with smooth transmission, high pressure and other characteristics, channel steel, I-steel can be formed in one time, and adopts strengthened chassis design to ensure that the use of deformation; Easy to replace wearing parts, no need to adjust again, the user only need to tighten the screw assembly can continue to normal use convenient and fast greatly speed up the working time and work efficiency.

Control: The hydraulic roll forming machine is controlled by PLC program controller, and the automatic reader of the full hydraulic system can be controlled manually or numerically.

Operation: unlimited feed, forward and backward, automatic positioning of cylinder progress size without manual measurement, automatic reading of bending size.

Safety: Dual automatic shutdown system, automatic shutdown when reaching the specified size, infrared brake system, automatic shutdown when there is no material.


The quality of the product, on the one hand depends on the choice of raw materials, on the other hand depends on the performance of production equipment, regular maintenance and maintenance of production equipment, not only can improve product quality, but also reduce the occurrence of production accidents, so as to ensure the safety of production, to reduce production cost investment is also very good. In the process of use, due to production wear, it is easy to appear equipment failure, which affects the smooth progress of production, and serious accidents will cause economic losses and personnel injuries, affecting the safety of production. Therefore, regular maintenance of roll forming machine equipment is very necessary.

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