Service System


1. Design: Make customized equipment according to industry requirements and users' actual needs to meet customers' multi-directional production requirements.

2. Quality Control: The core quality inspection team members have more than ten years of work experience and are composed of well-known experts and senior personnel in the quality inspection industry.In the production process, the key processes are inspected, and the inspection is sampled according to the quality inspection requirements.

3. Before Delivery: Check the operating conditions of the equipment to ensure that the transmission mechanism runs flexibly, has no jams, no abnormal noise, the whole machine runs smoothly, the workpiece precision is high, and the working performance is consistent with the model, which can meet the production needs.

4. Before installation: Provide free technical services (including foundation drawings, equipment layout drawings, circuit drawings, hydraulic system drawings and technical data) to the user, assist the buyer to complete the civil foundation of the equipment, and prepare the equipment before installation.



1. Installation and commissioning: We will assign professional engineers to the customer site or provide online guidance to assist the user to complete the installation and normal operation and commissioning of the equipment to meet the targets specified in the contract.

2. Training: We will train the technical personnel of the buyer on the operation and maintenance of the whole set of equipment on the site before the completion of the installation and debugging of the equipment and delivery, so that the user can understand the detailed situation of the equipment and learn the necessary operation skills and the skills to independently maintain the unit.

3. Warranty: Complete set of equipment warranty for one year, lifetime maintenance service. Within the free warranty period, we provide continuous tracking services to the user's equipment, timely remove all kinds of obstacles that may cause abnormal operation of the unit during the operation of the equipment, and make records and reports.

4. Online Service: Provide 24-hour hotline service to timely respond to customer needs. In case of unexpected failure of the equipment during use, we guarantee to reply within 1 hour and provide solutions within 24 hours after receiving feedback from users.


5. Machine Maintenance: If the equipment is damaged due to improper operation and use of the Buyer (human factors), we can provide timely repair and replacement, but the cost shall be borne by the Buyer

6. Maintenance Agreement: When the free maintenance period is over, both parties can sign the maintenance agreement to ensure the normal operation of the unit. According to the requirements of the buyer door-to-door for users of the unit detection, and the establishment of technical files, technical tracking. If there is any fault, please call and assist the buyer's personnel to find out the cause and remove it as soon as possible. If any fee is incurred, the Seller will only charge the cost fee.