cnc tube mill line sent to Egypt

This tube mill line was placed by our new customer in Egypt in January 2022.This welding pipeline equipment is very large, and many manufacturers have not made this equipment. Constantly and repeatedly confirming customers with customers. In constant contact with our technical staff. In the end the customer placed the order to us.

Introduce the tube mill line

The high frequency welding roll forming pipe making line , also called tube mill, is a complete production line for make tubes and various pipes.

The whole process of the production line including: uncoiling , leveling, accumulator , roll forming , sizing , cooling high frequency welding polishing and cutting

The tube mill can make round , square and rectangular tubes with different size on one machine . the raw material usually carbon steel , hot roller steel.

Tube mill is our important products which have exported to many countries, and its important machine in steel pipe industry 

Post time: Sep-15-2022