Culvert Corrugated Plate Roll Forming Machine

The culvert corrugated plate roll forming machine mainly produces culvert corrugated board. The whole production line is composed of unwinding/drawing system, forming system, automatic conveying/positioning system, punching system, automatic receiving system, arc bending system, electrical control system.

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Product Detail

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No Model Specification
1. Material Hot rolled steel plate
2. Yield strength of raw material ≤345Mpa
3. Tensile strength of raw materials: ≤550Mpa
4. Coiling material outside diameter ≤Ф1500 mm
5. Inner diameter of coil Ф610
6. Width of steel belt ≤1550mm
7. Thickness of steel belt 8~12mm
8. Single roll weight ≤20000 kg


No Items Name Specifications
1 Auto Decoiler 1. Single head mode, single support
2.Coil ID: Ф610
3. Coil OD: Ф1500mm
4. Strips width: 1700 mm
5. Max. weight: ≤20000 kg
2 Leveling Machine Max. Working Speed: 15m/min
Max. Strips width:  1700 mm
Max. Material thickness: 8mm
Motor Power: About 30kw
3 Shear butt welding device The frame is a profile + steel plate welding structure, hydraulic shearing, hydraulic pressing, and pressing platform
4 Servo Feeding 1. Maximum feeding speed: 15m/min
2. The maximum allowable feeding width: ≤1700mm
3. Allowable feeding thickness: ≤8mm
4. Single feeding error: ≤±1mm (the tolerance is not cumulative)
5. Servo motor power: ≈15Kw (subject to the final design)
6. The material of the feeding roller is: 9Cr2Mo (or GCr15), hardness HRC55-60
  Punching Press Adopt liquid four-column press mode
Punching Press: 500T
Hole Size:15-φ25
5 Roll Forming Machine Structure: the forming unit is driven by motor reducer chain
Forming stations: 24 stations
Forming machine shaft dia: φ180mm
Motor power: 180kw
Max.: 2-8m/min
6 Hydraulic Cutting The cutter mode adopts blanking shearing Blade material: Cr12MoV (hardness after quenching HRC58~62)
Parameter: cutting accuracy:±1.5mm
7 Electrical Control Cabinet Main electrical components:
PLC: Mitsubishi
Inverter: delta
Touch screen: veron (Taiwan, China)
Low-voltage electrical appliances: schneider (France)
Encoder: Omron (Japan)
8 Hydraulic System Hydraulic system USES filter, the cleanliness of oil to ensure 6-8 grade


The culvert corrugated plate is corrugated metal sheeting that's used as a structural roof deck or composite floor deck. It will be supported by steel beams or joists The purpose of metal deck is to support the insulating membrane of a roof or to support and bond with the concrete to create a composite metal floor deck.

Product details Figure 1


The culvert corrugated board production line is a special equipment for culvert corrugated board compression molding, which is widely used in construction industry and other facilities, including railway bridge tunnels, highway bridge tunnels etc.

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