Container Movable Type Roof Board Roll Forming Machine

The standing seam roll forming machine is a convenient and movable cold bending forming machine. It does not need to take up a large area. At the same time ,it doesn’t require you to have a factory. This cold roll forming machine can do the work for you outside the jobsite.

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Product Detail

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Main Parameter:

Material: galvanized cold rolled sheet

Yield strength of raw materials: ≤550Mpa

Tensile strength of raw materials: ≤650Mpa

Coil diameter:   ≤Ф1300 mm

Coil diameter:  Ф508

Coil input width:  800mm

steel strap width: ≤1450mm

Profile width:   610mm

steel strap thickness: 0.4~0.7mm

coil weight: ≤6000 kg

Technical Parameters :

1.Main motor reducer: motor power: 5.5kw cycloid gear reducer: bwd27-43-5.5kw

2.Drive chain sprocket:Chain models:16A-1, sprocke model:16A15Z,Material;45# steel, high frequency quenching of tooth tip

3. Frame structure of main machine :300 channel steel is welded, one end is fixed, the other end is moved as a whole

4. Integrated wall panel: A3

5. Welding material: advanced flux-cored welding wire is adopted. The strength and other mechanical properties of the frame and structural parts are equivalent to those of the ship components

6. Roller material :45# steel, precision rolling, roll surface plating hard chrome all roll keyway cutting, install key pin

7.Main shaft  material :45# steel, fine car, shaft diameter: 70mm, all spindle cutting keyway, install key pin

8.Blade material :Cr12,fine machining,quenching:HRC58-62°,wire cutting, fine grinding

9. sleeve :45# seamless steel tube,lathe finishing,Ensure dimensions and parallelism,Blackening of the surface

10.Bearing :Model:6210 etc,Origin:HRB

11.Frame stations:19 。

12.Forming stations:.18

13.line speed :0-15m/min。

14.Overall size:6.8m×1.0m×1.5m。

15.Rolling thickness:0.5-0.8mm。

16.Cutting accuracy :10m±2mm。

17. Structure design: one-piece: motor USES the hidden, hydraulic and control system using knapsack, greatly save area, convenient moving, prevent in switching equipment, transport damage

18. Standard parts and auxiliary parts: standard parts according to the national standard, auxiliary parts finishing, grinding, chamfering after electroplating decorative chrome or treatment to prevent black

19.The specific size of the plate type conforms to the national building pressure plate GB/ t12755-91

20. Surface treatment:The frame is stressed after welding,Sandblast rust removal, oil removal, batch scraping putty, grinding, spray antirust primer, topcoat using advanced polyurethane paint spray twice, exquisite details, appearance high-end atmosphere.


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