Metal Steel Coils Slitting Production Line

Raintech slitting line is mainly used for slitting and cutting coil materials such as tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon steel sheet, cold rolled steel strip, stainless steel strip, aluminum strip, and steel strip. It cuts metal coils into strips of various widths, and then harvests the strips into small coils for use in the next process. It is a necessary equipment for precision cutting of metal strips in the transformer, motor industry and other metal strips.According to the thickness of the slitting plate, it is divided into thin plate slitting line and thick plate slitting line.

The main components of the Raintech slitting line hydraulic system adopt high-precision components, and the electrical control adopts imported PLC program controller and touch screen for full-line functional control. It has high automation, good leveling quality, high cutting accuracy, stable and reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. Features: One-time loading of coiled material can realize the smooth completion of each process, which effectively reduces the labor intensity of workers, has a high cost performance, and is a high-performance product integrating machinery, electricity and hydraulics.

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Product Detail

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Slitting line for thin material

Model Parameter Material Thicknes (mm) Max.Coil Width(mm) Slitting Strip Width (mm) Slitting Speed(m/min.) UncoilingWeight(Tons)
SSL-1*1300 0.15-1 500-1300 24 50-150 10
SSL-2*1300 0.3-2 500-1300 12-30 50-200 15
SSL-2*1600 0.3-2 500-1600 12-30 50-200 15
SSL-3*1600 0.3-3 500-1600 8-30 50-180 20
SSL-3*1850 0.3-3 900-1850 8-30 50-180 20
SSL-4*1600 1-4 900-1600 6-30 50-150 25
SSL-4*1850 1-4 900-1850 6-30 50-150 25

Mini slitting line

SSSL-1*350 0.1-1 80-350 6-30 50-100 3
SSSL-2*350 0.2-2 80-350 6-30 50-200 3
SSSL-2*450 0.2-2 80-450 6-30 50-200 5
SSSL-2*650 0.2-2 80-650 6-30 50-180 7

Slitting line for thick material

Model Parameter Material Thicknes(mm) Max.Coil Width(mm) Slitting Strip Number Slitting Speed(m/min.) UncoilingWeight(Tons)
SSL-6*1600 1-6 900-1600 6-30 30-100 25
SSL-6*1850 1-6 900-1850 6-30 30-100 30
SSL-6*2000 1-6 900-2000 6-30 30-100 30
SSL-8*1600 1-8 900-1600 6-30 30-80 25
SSL-8*1850 1-8 900-1850 6-30 30-80 25
SSL-8*2000 1-8 900-2000 6-30 30-80 25
SSL-12*1600 2-12 900-1600 5-30 20-50 30
SSL-12*2000 2-12 900-2000 5-30 20-50 30
SSL-16*2000 4-16 900-2000 5-30 10-30 30


Loading trolley → Uncoiler → Guide device → Traction leveling machine →  1#Swing bridge → Rectifying feeding device → Slitting machine  Scrap edge winder → Passing frame → 2#Swing bridge → Pre → separating device → Tightening machine → Feeding device → Sub-coiling shear → Steering drum → Rear axle → Winder → Discharging trolley → Auxiliary support → Hydraulic system → Electrical system


Loading/unloading trolley There are two sets of trolleys, one for loading and one for unloading after slitting.
Double support decoiler Tighten the coil material on the reel, unwind or recover the unfinished coil material.
Straight head feeder The straight-head feeder is composed of a coil press roller, a bending roller, a shovel head, and a swing bridge. Each part is driven by an oil cylinder.
Leveling tractor When in line operation, the leveling tractor drives the decoiler reel to open the material.
Swing bridge There are two swing bridges, 1# pendulum bridge spans both sides of the pit;2#Swing bridge is located between the slitting machine and the tensioning machine.
Correction machine The correcting machine is used to guide the feeding direction of the sheet material. It is mainly composed of a vertical guide roller, a sliding seat and an adjusting screw.
Slitting Machine The slitting machine is composed of upper and lower knife shafts with cutter heads, fixed and movable supports, knife shaft spacing adjustment mechanism, transmission system, etc.
Scrap winder On both sides of the discharge side of the slitting machine, there is a waste edge winder, which is used to collect the waste edge material from both sides of the sheet. The width of the waste material winding is 5-20mm.
Anticipating agency At the turning point from the looper to the tensioner, a pre-separation mechanism is set up to prevent random materials
Leading machine There is a pair of feeding rollers in front of the tensioner to facilitate feeding the material head into the winder
Tensioner The tensioner exerts positive pressure on the slats to generate winding tension, which is convenient for tightening the slats.
Material head (tail) shearing machine (2 sets) Used for cutting head and intermediate sub-roll
Approach bridge Driven by the oil cylinder to lift and fall, it is used to introduce the material head into the winder drum after slitting.
Material dividing and pressing device The device is located above the reel of the winder and consists of a distribution plate and a pressing wheel shaft
Winder The winding machine is driven by a DC motor, and the speed is regulated by a DC speed regulator.
Auxiliary support The auxiliary support is a toggle mechanism, which is lifted or lowered by the hydraulic cylinder to push the swing arm
Electrical System The whole line adopts PLC for logic and real-time control of the whole line


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