Storage Shelf Rack Roll Forming Machine

This is roll forming machine for producing storage racks, the roll forming machine production line is mainly composed with uncoiler, leveler, servo feeding machine, punching machine, roll forming machine, cutting machine and control unit. The  production line has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high efficiency, good stability, etc.; it has been used by many users in China and has won good customer reviews. The roll forming production line is capable to produce different size of products automatically. The machine is equipped the PLC system with touch screen, so the machine can read the CAD drawing directly which is user friendly.

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Product Detail

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Configurations 3T Manual Uncoiler(2 SETS), Roll Forming, Electric-Motor, Mould Cutting, hydraulic station, Control Cabinet
Control System Automatic Colored Touch ScreenDelta brand PLC Inverter
Main Power 7.5 KW
Pump Power 4 KW
Power Supply 380V, 3-Phase, 50Hz
Forming Speed 8-10 m/min
Roll Station 17 roller station
Shaft Diameter 57mm
Feeding Thickness 1.8mm
Overall Size About 7200×1200×1500mm
Total Weight Approximately 3600KGS


Uncoiling → Leveling → Servo Feeding → Punching → Roll Forming → Cutting → Discharging


Uncoiler: automatically release the material coil according to the speed of the whole line

Servo Feeding Machine: Feed the sheet according to the actual step length required for punching

Punching press: Used to punching holes in the plate

Roll Forming Machine: Used to achieve the final required interface shape through the roll forming process of the required finished plate shape

Cutting Machine: It is to cut the formed work piece to length

Electrical Control Unit: The unit is equipped with PLC and tough screen, it control the whole production line.

Hydraulic Station: Provide power for punching machine and cutting machine



The roll forming production line is used to produce storage racks for warehouse and storage frame.

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