Straight Seam Steel Welded Steel Tube Mill Line

The tube milling line is straight seam welding on welding equipment from steel pipes made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel sheets or coils.

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Product Detail

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  Components Quantity Manufacturer
1 Grinding head 1 Set ADV Polishing
2 Planetary rotation system 1 Set ADV Polishing
3 electric control system 1 Set ADV Polishing
4 Dust removal system (optional) 1 Set ADV Polishing
5 Workpiece receiving (releasing) mechanism 2 Set ADV Polishing
6 Feeding system 2 Set ADV Polishing


The equipment mainly consists of one set of grinding head, a set of planetary rotation system, a set of electrical control, a set of feeding system, a set of workpiece receiving (releasing) mechanism, a set of dust removal system (optional).

1. Grinding head: The machine is equipped with one set of grinding heads that can be used to polish the outside surface of the workpiece .According to the grinding characteristics of the workpiece, use the abrasive belts as the grinding material. The grinding head consists of one polishing head motor, a support mechanism, a power drive mechanism, and a mounting plate.

2. Planetary rotation system: The main function of this mechanism is to provide the required rotating motion of the grinding head during polishing. Motor power is transmitted to the turnable through the V-belt to directly drive the turntable to rotate. It consists of a motor, turnable and a transmission device.

3. Electrical control: The system's role is to input instructions, control of the machine movement to achieve control, mainly by the console and the electronic control cabinet, inverter and various low-voltage electrical components.

4. Feeding system: Feeding system is used for automatic feeding of straight tube polishing.It consists of roller, feeder ,backlash adjusting screw and motor drive system. 

5. Workpiece receiving (releasing) mechanism: This is for supporting workpieces during straight tube polishing.It consists of adjusting screw, rubber wheels and pallet.

6. Dust removal system (optional): The role of this system is to collect the dust generated during the grinding process, to solve the dust collection, easy maintenance and cleaning. It is mainly composed of a cyclone dust collector, a bag vacuum cleaner, and dust collection pipes


Double-head un-coiler →→ Strip-head Shearer & TIG butt welder station →→ Horizontal spiral accumulator group →→ Forming M/C (Main driving unit + Flattening Entry unit + Breakdown section + Fin pass section + Seam guide unit + High frequency induction welding system + Squeeze welding roller unit + Outside scarfing unit + Horizontal ironing stand) →→ Emulsion water Cooling section →→ Sizing M/C (Main driving unit  + Sizing section + Speed testing unit + Turk straightener + Vertical pull-out stand) →→ NC flying saw under computer control →→ Run-out table


The tube mill line can product the Water pipe , Structural support steel Pipe ,Decoration Pipe, Sewage pipe and so on.

Tube Mill Line
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