Stainless Steel Conductive Rail Roll Forming Machine

The subway roll forming machine. This production line can automatically complete the functions of uncoiling, feeding, leveling, cold bending and cutting of stainless steel strip.

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Product Detail

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Plate: stainless steel (XCr17, must be adapted to 304 stainless steel at the same time)

Board thickness 2~3mm
Inner diameter of coil Φ508 mm
Coil straightness 0.1-0.3mm/ m
Length of finished product 14.2m-18.2m
Fixed length accuracy ±2mm
Linear speed 2-6m/min
Power supply 380V±10%;50Hz
Air pressure 0.5MPa


Uncoiling → Feeding, Leveling → Cutting Head Pressing → Front Looper → Fixed-Length Feeding → Punching → Rear Looper → Cold Bending Forming → Correction → Cutting → Discharge-Stacking

The stainless steel coils are manually hoisted to the decoiler, the equipment is started, and the coils are manually fed into the leveler one by one, and the whole line starts production. The uncoiled strip is first leveled by a leveler, and then punched and imprinted on the strip by a punching machine, and then cold-bent formed in the roll forming unit, and the end of the forming unit completes the straightening of the profile. Then the profile is cut to a fixed length by a cutting machine, and the material is discharged through the discharging rack, manually packed, hoisted and transported into the warehouse.


It is mainly composed of uncoiler, straightening machine, shearing butt welding platform, front looper, servo feeder, punching punch, rear looper, roll forming unit, cut-to-length machine, discharge rack.


It is composed of welding frame, tensioning shaft system, motor reducer drive, pressing head and brake.

Primer, Leveling machine

Composed of shovel head, straightening head, leveling device, drive system, etc.

Shear butt welding platform

It is composed of a shearing machine, a pressing head, and a pressing platform (copper), with adjustable side rollers at the front and rear.

Servo feeding

Driven by servo motor, roller feeding

Electrical control system

PLC (Siemens) control


The roll forming equipment for subway conductive rails is mainly used to produce conductive rails. Mainly used in urban rail transit. Traditional conductive rails are made of low-carbon steel materials.

Application diagram

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