C Z U Inner change Roll forming Machine Line

Our advanced design for C Z metal profile is our star products.It have the feathures of can exchange the C and Z profile without changing the rollers. The machine can do both profiles on same machine without any cost increase. In addition, if customer require, we can add U on same machine, only need change part of rollers. This machine can do three products , instead of three separated machines . Its the most economic and reasonable design which is used widely in construction purlin, C post and other application in construction work.

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Product Detail

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Workpiece material:

Material: cold rolled steel plate
Raw material yield strength: 355Mpa
Raw material tensile strength: 430~ 550Mpa
Coil outer diameter: ≤Ф1500 mm
Inner diameter of coil: Ф508mm
Strip width: ≤150mm
Steel strip thickness: 1.8mm
Single roll weight: ≤2000 kg

Production process:
The production line is carried out according to the following technological process:
Uncoiling (including automatic feeding trolley) → servo leveling feeding → punching → quick-change cold forming (including straightening) → cutting.

Technical Parameter

 Maximum feeding speed30m/min

 Maximum feed width ≤500mm

 Allowed feed thickness≤3mm

Precision of feeding±0.2mm/step

 Servo motorJapan, Yaskawa

Servo Motor Poweraprox.4.4KWaccording to final design

This line can produce C Z U and L shape  metal profile on one machine, through only need to change some rollers.”C””Z”interchange main forming machine including the profiles “”u  “ and “L” shape.

Details Introduction

The uncoiler also contains 4 baffle plates to avoid the material from loosing during uncoiling

Coils IDФ508mm

Coil OD Ф1200mm

Coil Width 500mm

coil weight≤5000 kg

Note: feeding trolley can be optional

Leveler: adopt 5 rollers leveling,2 pairs of feed roller, feed roller pneumatic clamping, frequency conversion speed regulation, switch control

Max. speed20m/min.

Max. Leveling width500mm

Max. Coil thickness1~3mm

Power of leveling machine: approx. 7.5kw (subject to final design)Considering the thickness of the plate, the feed port of the leveling machine is provided with the feedshovel head (supporting plate) and the feed armWhen the end part of the coil enters the levelingmachine, it can guide and feed smoothly.Ensure the smooth guide between the uncoiler and the leveling machine.


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